Learn How to Shoot Sports Highlight Videos Footage

We are disrupting the sports highlight videos market because we are showing parents and high school athletes a way to save money and get their high school athlete recruited!

One of the key questions that we get asked is whether or not you need to pay someone to video your athlete’s games.  Answer is no.

Learn How to Create Your Own Sports Highlight Videos

Sports Highlight Videos

Most of our sports highlight videos are put together with footage from a cell phone, hand held camcorder or an iPad.  They shoot perfectly good video which we can download and clip to make a memorable video that college coaches will take action on.

A couple of tips will help you get the best possible video that we can work with and here they are:

  1. Zoom in.  Best thing you can do to get the best footage is to make sure you are zoomed in close enough on the athlete.  Just make sure you are not too close so coaches can see the rest of the players within a reasonable distance.  If your athlete is at the plate in baseball, get both the pitcher and the batter.  If football is your sport, make sure you pick up the athlete clearly but also those around them so we can see the play develop.  In basketball, let’s see the ball handling, passing, etc. Again, with enough space to see the player clearly andthose immediately around them.
  2. Steady.  Best advice here is a tripod or leaning against something to minimize the “bouncing” of the shot.  It’s a fine line between zoom and steady, but that is the key.
  3. Cell Phone Videos.  We prefer landscape versus portrait.  Again, allows more of the play in the picture.
  4. Move with the play and in sync with the play.  This takes some real concentration but can be done.  You just need to commit to viewing the play through the eyes of the camera versus following off screen.  Inevitably, there will be a lag and a quick “catch up.”  Takes a little practice but you will get it quickly.  On that point, practice before the game (just like your player).  That way, you’ll be ready when the whistle blows.
  5. Get lots of video.  It’s much better to sift through a ton of video than to hope you catch the right play at the right time.  Gives us both more to choose from that we can edit into an impactful video.

Some of the best memories I have are those moments during the game with the camera rolling knowing that not only did I see the play real time but can relive it with my sons again – even years later.

So, prepare, be confident and go get those games on video.  Leave it to us to help you organize it so we get you toward the ultimate goal – a visit to a college and a chance to play at the next level!

We always recommend integrating your sports highlight videos into your online athlete profile. And, we can help there as well.  Just visit prospectsites.com to learn more.

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Of course, please reach out if we can answer any questions.



Summer is tournament time for many sports including baseball, softball, soccer,volleyball, lacrosse, track and field and many more. This is the time to start thinking about a sports highlight video.

sports highlight video

And, the college sports recruiting season is just around the corner so time is of the essence to get noticed by college coaches.

The good news is that during a tournament there are many games played and you should have a lot of hi

ghlights for your athlete. Particularly if they played well.

So, it makes sense to get those clips organized into a highlight reel that you can quickly send to college coaches. If you are a rising high school senior, that becomes even more important as college sports rosters are already filling up with commitments extended and accepted.

At this point, you do not have weeks to wait. You need to take action now. And, you have the tools in your hand to get the video you need of your athlete. Whether it is an iPhone or an inexpensive HD Video Camera, you can capture great video of your athlete  to put together a compelling sports highlight video. That is where we come in.  See our gallery for examples of videos we have created.

For just $129, we can help you organize your sports highlight video and get it in front of college coaches quickly. Our turnaround time is just 48 hours once we receive your clips. This is super easy and if you have any questions, we can help guide you through the process. Just call us and you will how working with prospectreels.com can be.

Victory goes to those who move decisively! Your athlete has been trained that way to perform on the field, do what it takes to win and the same applies for college athletic recruiting. Take action!

Let’s get started and get your high school athlete noticed. You will be glad you did.