Spring Sports Highlight Videos

It has been a busy month working with athletes and their parents to produce spring sports highlight videos for their recruiting efforts. Here are a few tips to make sure your video is the best it can be:

Get the Camera Out!

And, any camera will work. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, mini camcorder, make sure you capture your player during the game. For best results, stay steady and try to capture about a third of the field of play and try to keep the action in the middle of the view finder.

Organize Your Videos

It’s always a good idea to find room on your computer and organize the videos – ideally by date and opponent in separate folders. You might also consider doing a quick write up on the game to remember games where your player had their best showing.

Put Together a Sports Highlight Video

At a minimum, you should consider a 3 – 4 minute sports highlight video for each season. And, if their level of play shows improvement during the season, consider multiple videos and organize them by season.

Start a YouTube Channel

One way to organize your sports highlight videos is to start your own channel on YouTube. This will make it easy to send links to college coaches and get on the radar when it is time for the recruiting process to begin.

We Can Help!

We are both thankful and proud to be a part of your college recruiting journey and have helped many families with high quality, produced videos to showcase the athlete’s talents. Whether you are interested in attracting the attention of college coaches or just want a keepsake for you and your athlete, we will put a video together that puts your athlete in the best light.

Hope everyone had a successful Spring Season and that your Summer Season is full of great memories.