Soccer Video Examples

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I often get asked to share some soccer video examples that we have produced for various sports.  Today, I would like to showcase some of our soccer players from across the country.  Enjoy!

Micah Curry – Frisco, Texas


Madison Marshall – St. Petersburg, Florida


Sideris Kosaris – Vancouver, Washington


Landon Davison – Apopka, Florida


Music, Game Sound or Silent?

We can produce your videos with music, leave the game sound in or just take the volume out completely.  It is all about your personal preference.  One thing I often say to parents and athletes is that a great player will get noticed either way!


If You Would Like to Get Started With Soccer Videos

We love helping athletes achieve their dreams – it is the passion behind and!

Either drop us a note or go directly to ProspectReels if you would like to learn more.

Have a great season!


John was founded on the principle of giving serious high school athletes the ability to improve their chances to get recruited by showcasing their talents online and sharing those talents with college coaches and others involved in college athletic recruiting so that they can get recruited and perhaps even earn an athletic scholarship.

How to Shoot Great Sports Videos

We work a lot with parents and athletes who video their own games.  Many people are worried that the quality of the cameras on their phones or tablets won’t do the job.  Not true!

Today’s phones and tablets are packed with great camera technology enabling you to capture your son or daughter’s game in amazing quality and clarity.

Having said that, we have some tips for you to get the most out of your sports videos.

For All Cameras

  • Don’t zoom in too close!  The tendency for most people is to try and follow their athlete too closely.  This puts a lot of pressure on the videographer and actually takes away from what is happening “off the ball”. You’re better off pulling back a little and then let the editor zoom in if necessary to capture the larger play.  Generally, in field and court sports, try to capture 1/4 – 1/3 of the field of play.
  • Watch the Game Through the Finder.  Yes, it’s hard to do!  But, if you are able to do this, your video will turn out exponentially better.  And, now that you’re pulled back, all you have to do is (smoothly) move the camera to keep the play in the frame of the camera.
  • Get a Tripod.  This is the best way to get steady video of a game.  They are available for cameras and Smartphones.  You can find one locally or check out Amazon below.  Just make sure the tripod is able to pivot to follow the play.

  • Keep Rolling!  Unless there is a stoppage in the game, keep the camera on for the entire game so that you capture everything or, more importantly, you don’t miss anything.   From an editing standpoint, it is better to have too much footage.

For Smartphone and Tablet Cameras

Shoot the Game in Landscape versus Portrait. This is the best way to capture the game.  When you shoot in landscape mode, you are capturing more of the field and the editing is much easier and the quality of the video will be higher.



Where to Position Yourself and the Camera

It varies by sport, but generally you want to be up above the field of play and positioned in the middle of the field of play.  This is not always possible so the best advice is to get to the best possible vantage point to capture the game and your player to the best of your ability.

Final Thoughts

Final word of advice is to practice before the game – just like your athlete!   Spend some time practicing and following the play before the whistle blows.

So, I hope this gives you some ideas on how to video your athlete like a pro!  Hope your Summer is going well.


Marketing Your Athlete to College Coaches

One of the questions I often get asked after completing a video for them is “How Do I Market My Athlete”?  And it is the right question to ask.

Your Athlete is the Product

Think of your athlete as the product and you are trying to launch the product into the marketplace.  And, as you think about a product that you have purchased, what did the company your purchase from do to encourage you to follow through?

The Product Itself

First, the product needs to have features that a prospective customer would find compelling.  At the most basic level, please consider the following:

Performance – The core of the product.  What can you expect from it.  In recruiting, how does your athlete perform on the field of play.

Features – Beyond performance, what additionally can you expect from the product.  For an athlete, how do they perform off the field i.e. grades, community service, leadership, etc.

Reliability – This is the promise that the product will perform as expected repeatedly.

Durability – Similar to reliability, durability is the ability to perform over time.

Marketing the Product – The Assets

So, the next step is to break these down by category and determine what assets or actions you need to align with each categories.

Performance – The best asset you have is your recruiting video.  This is the commercial for your athlete.  It is the evidence that they can actually play and play well enough to be considered for a roster spot.

Features – This is where an athlete website or profile comes into play.  If you do not have a website for your athlete, you should consider one.  There are many out there and we offer these at our companion site  The point is that a website offers you the opportunity to tell the rest of the story – grades, leadership, community involvement, recent events, upcoming games and more.

Reliability – Reliability will be the responsibility of the athlete and something they need to perfect on a daily basis.  Word of mouth is the best advertising that applies here.  Their coaches, teammates and anyone who knows them.  It can also include their social media (which I will get into in another post).  For now, just know that coaches will search your athlete’s social media to ensure that their character aligns with their performance.

Durability – In terms of the athlete, this means performing at their best every play, every game, every day.  I watch a lot of video.  The athletes that have this same intensity throughout the game are the ones that go the furthest in the recruiting process.  When a coach asks for full game video, this is one of the things that they are looking for.  So, again, this is the responsibility of the athlete.

Marketing the Product – The Plan

I highly recommend finding a database of college coaches.  One that I used for my sons (but am not affiliated with) is Collegiate Directories.  This database is touted as the largest database of its kind for college coaches and administrators.  It has all divisions and schools with email addresses where you can send the coach an introductory email including links to your athlete video or website.

On that point, when you send the email, I recommend the following:


This needs to grab the coach’s attention immediately.  Something like “6′ 2″ / 225 lb. All State Running Back with 4.3 Speed”, “All Conference Point Guard Averaging 22 PPG and 11 APG”, “All Area Lacrosse Attack/Midfield Player”.  Anything you write here should be humble and accurate!

Body of the Email

Consider saying something like this:

Dear Coach (personalize with the coach’s name!)

My name is _____ and I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the possibility of earning a spot on your roster.  I am a (Junior, Senior) at _______ high school and I also play for the _________ (Club Team).  Playing college sports has been a lifetime dream of mine and I have dedicated myself every day to contributing to the success of every team I have played for through effort, leadership and listening to my coaches on areas where I need to improve.  I am ready for the next challenge!

I would appreciate it if you would take a look at my website (or video) which is (insert link).  If you believe that there may be a potential fit within your program, I would welcome the opportunity to explore that with you further.


(Athlete’s Name)

On that point, this needs to come from the athlete.  This shows commitment and effort – 2 things college coaches are definitely looking for.


I hope you found this post to be helpful.  This is a very exciting time and brings together all the years of hard work to reach the ultimate goal.  Please drop me a note with any questions or comments by clicking here.

Enjoy the journey!