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John Swigard, Founder of Prospect Sites Limited

College Athletic Recruiting and Why We Were Created was founded on the principle of giving serious high school athletes the ability to improve their chances to get recruited by showcasing their talents online and sharing those talents with college coaches and others involved in college athletic recruiting so that they can get recruited and perhaps even earn an athletic scholarship.

My name is John Swigard. I am the father of 2 former high school athletes. I formed this Company in 2017 as an extension to to focus specifically on sports recruiting videos. was formed in 2011 after considering other (much more expensive) companies to market my sons.  I was determined to find a better way and to help others.  I have been in your shoes and I know what college coaches are looking for.

I have an extensive background in Business Development and Marketing in the automotive and manufacturing industries.  My work experience includes working for Ford Motor Company (23 years), The Nielsen Company, Director of Marketing for a mid-sized manufacturer and most recently I was Senior Vice President for a Marketing and Communications firm based in Dearborn, Michigan and had the privilege of serving Ford Motor Company. is focused on producing the highest quality videos which you can use to market yourself to college coaches and others involved in college athletic recruiting.

Facts You Should Know.

Prospect Reels (a division of is dedicated to helping high school athletes achieve their dream of playing at the next level by producing high quality sports recruiting video that will get you noticed. Today’s college recruiting process requires a high-speed approach. The days of sending DVD’s through the mail are in the past!

Research shows that adding a high school athlete sports recruiting video to your high school recruiting website is the single most important thing you can do to get the attention of college coaches, and others involved in college athletic recruiting, showcasing your skills as a high school athlete to get recruited and potentially earn college sports scholarships.

You have between 4 and 6 minutes to showcase your sports recruiting video to prospective coaches. You need to make every second count. Our editors will place your clips (up to 30) into a state of the art editing suite, organize your clips by category, and then work with you to refine the video to ensure that the final product positions you in the best possible way.

Additionally, adding the video into your online profile is easy and seamless and integrates into your athlete profile. See our athlete profile options at

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