Athlete Profile Websites – Available Now!

Now you can tell the rest of the athlete’s story….. Beyond the video. Whether you work with us or someone else, we highly recommend an athlete profile website as the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. College coaches want to be able to quickly see the whole story in one place.

Only $14.95 per month!

No minimum contract – cancel anytime

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Our “mobile first” athlete profile websites are feature packed to present your athlete in the best possible light!

Multiple Colors

Choose the color of your athlete profile!  We are showing the red version but there will also be blue, black and grey to start.

Home Page

On the homepage, we feature the key stats for your athlete:

  • Name
  • Sport
  • Position
  • Height/Weight
  • Graduation Year
  • GPA, ACT and SAT scores
  • Key stats for both high school and club teams
    • Place for Coach evaluations
    • Key award – Team and Individual

Bio Page

  • Fully editable space to detail the background of the player
    • Sports experience
    • Community involvement
    • Leadership
    • Upload photos and videos to get the message out
  • News section
    • Your personal blog!
    • Keep coaches up to date on your latest results and achievements

Stats and Schedule

  • Fully customizable (for all sports) stats created by the player
  • Ability to show your schedule so coaches can come see your game

Media Pages

  • Photos
  • Videos

Contact Information

  • Customizable contact form so coaches can reach out to the athlete directly