Sports Recruiting Videos

We take a clean and efficient approach to your sports highlight video so that coaches get to the plays…quickly.  You can see sport-specific examples by hovering over the “Sports Recruiting Videos” and then click on the sport you are interested in.

You know the saying, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Maybe you didn’t know this, consider the following statistics regarding first impressions:

  • 55% – The way you dress, act, and walk through the door
  • 38% – The quality of your voice, grammar, and confidence
  • 7% – The words you choose to say

Think of it, 55% of a first impression is made up of what your actions say, before you have said anything! You have 4 – 6 minutes to get a coach’s attention and we don’t want to show them 55% of your potential, we will give them 100%, we want your video to make them glad they took the time to watch it!

As we compile these sports highlight videos, we have gathered some helpful hints that will help you highlight the right plays:

  1. Send clips of your high school athlete at their max game speed
  2. Find sports highlights that really stand out and would make a coach want to reach out to learn more
  3. Catch your athlete’s personality wherever possible. Coaches are looking for chemistry and great teammates.

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