The Role of the Sports Skills Video in College Recruiting

Is a skills video an important part of the recruiting process?  Absolutely!

Think of your skills video as the equivalent of a sports combine.  A sports combine is an event where numerous athletes gather to go through a variety of assessments such as speed, strength and skill level for a given sport in front of multiple coaches.  The coaches grade and rank each player based on a set of criteria specific to the sport.  In these combine style events, the coaches get to see things maybe even a game cannot show them.  So, it is a great way to add another dimension to your recruiting effort.

What is a Skills Video?

Simply put, it is a compilation of the various “skills” you will use as an athlete to play the game.  And, it demonstrates all the dimensions of your game.  Let’s consider a few sports and the skills you should be able to demonstrate to a coach.


A typical NFL combine will include things like:

  • 40-Yard Dash. This is the event most closely tied to the combine. …
  • 20-Yard and 60-Yard Shuttle. …
  • Bench Press. …
  • Broad Jump. …
  • Vertical Jump. …
  • Three-Cone Drill


  • Body size including height with and without shoes, wingspan, weight, standing reach, body fat percentage, hand length, and hand width
  • Standing vertical jump
  • Running vertical jump
  • Bench press
  • 3/4-court (75 feet) sprint time
  • Lane agility—the 4 corners drill, running, shuffling, and backpedaling around the lane
  • Reactive shuttle run
  • Dribbling (both hands), crossover


  • 30 yard Dash (or time from home to 1st and full base run)
  • 4 Corner Drill
  • Vertical Jump
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • Ball Exit Speed (Hitting)
  • Arm Velocity
  • Pitching (Velocity, change up, curve, splitter, etc.)
  • Catching (Blocks, Pop Time, etc.)


  • Speed test (30 meter)
  • Agility test – 5-10-5 shuttle
  • Vertical Jump
  • Leg strength
  • Dribbling and passing (both legs)


  • 40 Yard Dash – Electronic Time (10, 20, 40 yard splits)
  • Pro Agility Shuttle – Electronic Time
  • Vertical Jump (Reach Height, Block Height, Approach Height)
  • Broad Jump
  • Lateral Jump Test
  • Upper Extremity Stability Test
  • Core Strength
  • Physical Measurements (Height, Weight, Wing Span, Hand Span)

You can google these for any sport to understand what a college (or even pro) scout is looking for.

Why Should I Have a Skills Video?

The short answer is because it is a differentiator between your athlete and someone competing with them for a spot on a college roster.  We have talked about the “funnel” in a previous post which is the diminishing number of roster spots as players transition from high school or club teams to college.  We are looking for anything that we can do to give the player an opportunity to play at the next level.  It is just another element to help make your aspiring college athlete stand out amongst their competitive set.

We (or You!) Can Replicate this in a Skills Video

Let’s bring the combine to the video!  We have conducted skills video events for teams and are seeing more of a demand as the recruiting process gets more and more competitive.  And, you can do it too!  You just need a plan.

Our approach is to essentially run a practice with the coach.  We agree on the drills up front, put a schedule together and then run the event.  Everything is pre-planned in advance with each player assigned to the various drill stations.   On that point, these skills  sessions are super affordable particularly if you can get the whole team involved to share the cost of the videographer.

From there, we can produce the skills video in much the same manner as we produce our sports highlight videos.  Just contact us for a quote.


Please consider a skills video for your athlete to add to your marketing efforts.  We can help on any level from providing some guidance on how to put a skills video session together to conducting it for you and even producing the video.

Have a great week!