We are Expanding Our Sports Videography Services

We are Expanding Our Sports Videography Services

Good Morning.

First, to everyone who is affected by Hurricane Dorian, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.  The videos of the storm and its impact is heartbreaking.  While I have not been directly in the path of a hurricane, I have seen firsthand shortly afterwards on a couple of occasions what a storm like this can do.  And, the impact lasts for weeks and months in some cases.  I hope you will join me in donating to disaster relief with the organization of your choice.

We Are Expanding

This week I would like to talk about our expansion into Sports Videography.  We have been providing this service in


Michigan for a while now and are expanding into other parts of the country.  We cover all of Michigan, Ohio and now are in Western New York and Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and are in discussions with videographers in many other locations.

The Benefit for You

The benefit of this for you is that you are receiving videography services from people that we have used and/or vetted and are using high quality equipment and have sports videography backgrounds which provides more consistency and, in the end, a better highlight reel.  You are also saving time as we immediately receive the footage and are able to get that footage into our editing software or directly to you – usually within 1 day.

Your Source for Videography

We would appreciate the opportunity to be your go-to source for sports videography!  And, if your area is not listed and you have a need, just call me and I will find someone in the area.  Normally, I find people within 1 – 2 days through my connections in the industry and by other means.

Funding Options

A lot of times, parents are concerned about the cost of videography.  We have priced our offerings very competitively to do our best to remove that obstacle!  Having said that, if you consider going together with other parents and sharing the cost, then it becomes even more affordable.  And, we stay on our mutual path to help our athletes succeed in getting recruited to play college sports.

Thank You

I hope I say this enough!  We really appreciate your trust in us to provide you with the services you need to help your athlete achieve their dreams.  If there is anything that we should be thinking about to help you further, please send me a note or call me directly!

Have a great week!